Dentist Mona Vale-Does It Matter If You Use A Toothbrush With Hard Bristles Or Not

If you ask a dentist Mona Vale practitioner about the type of toothbrushes you should be using, then you’ll probably think they’ll tell you to focus on one that has hard bristles right? It makes sense when you think about it. A brush with hard bristles is going to be stronger when it comes to brushing your teeth and will likely make it easier to remove food particles or plaque buildup. However, brushes with hard bristles can actually do more harm than good.

There are several reasons why someone might decide it’s better to use these types of brushes. Here are three of the main reasons:

  • Hard bristle brushes usually don’t cost a lot of money. In fact when you go to the store you’ll find the toothbrushes with the most in the pack for the lowest cost tend to be hard bristle brushes.


  • These types of brushes may do a better job for some at getting their tongue clean, which helps to ensure good breath. A softer bristle brush they may feel won’t do this as well.


  • Hard bristle toothbrushes usually can be softened with a little running of water over them for a while so for some they are willing to sacrifice an overall softer option if it means saving money.


Now all of these might seem like good reasons to use a hard bristle toothbrush, but they aren’t. Following we’ve put together some important questions regarding this subject that will help.


If you use a toothbrush that has bristles that are very stiff, then is this going to cause damage to your gums with frequent use or does it depend on the current overall health of your gums?


A hard bristle brush that’s very stiff is going to certainly cause pain to your gums, if not now then over time. You’ll begin to notice this after a short while.


If you use toothbrushes that have bristles that are very soft, then aren’t these going to be less effective at dislodging food from certain areas of your teeth?


Soft bristle brushes work just as well if not better than their hard bristle counterparts. The reason why is because you can put more force on them without causing discomfort to your gums when using them. You’ll be able to get rid of food particles that might be wedged between your teeth much easier this way.


Besides from having an impact on your gums should you make consistent use of toothbrushes with hard bristles, what other negative effect to your teeth can they actually cause?


People typically tend to use a lot of force with these types of brushes and the impact on their teeth can be profound after a while. When these types of brushes are used over time with some force, then the consequence can be you losing some of the protective enamel layering on your teeth. You’ll notice this is happening when your teeth become more sensitive to things such as cold liquids or more sensitive in general.


A dentist Mona Vale practitioner will be able to give you all the advice you need on the type of toothbrushes you should be using and which ones can cause more harm than good.