Interviewing The Dentist Pasadena SA Practitioner You’re Considering Using

Sometimes the best way for you to feel good about the dentist Pasadena SA practitioner you’ll decide to use is to give them a good old fashioned interview. When we say interview we mean you should have a few questions prepared that you can ask in advance of deciding to give them a chance.

At first it might seem like doing this is a bit too much, but when you’re putting the health of your mouth in someone’s hands you can never be too careful. Conducting an interview of sorts will help you feel much more comfortable to open up later once you actually see them in person.

Exactly what types of interview questions should you ask though? We’ve put together a few you can start with below:


  • What is it you like most about being a dentist and what is your ultimate purpose for being a dentist that makes you really look forward to doing it each day?
  • How do you make people feel comfortable who haven’t visited a dentist Pasadena SA practitioner for a long time, due to fear of being judged for not going to the dentist as often as they should?
  • Is there a certain type of patient you wouldn’t be willing to accept and if so why? In this case you wouldn’t want the reason to be because the challenge of dealing with them is something that dentist couldn’t handle.
  • Do you work with other dentists or at least look into what other really successful or high profile dentists are doing in order to stay in the know? This question is important, because you would want a dentist that showed they’re always trying to learn about the latest improvements and advancements in the world of dentistry.



  • What if someone wants a procedure done that they really don’t need, but they just feel they would benefit from it? You want a dentist that has ethics and will only conduct procedures that are needed rather than offering to do things that aren’t needed. If a dentist is put in this situation, then they should be able to explain why they specifically won’t perform the procedure.


Do you do any sort of personal follow up with patients after they’ve been to you? You would want to see that a dentist cared about how patients were responding to the work they performed. You would want to at least see that they cared about the quality of the experience a patient had. The purpose here is to try and build a relationship.


  • Do you make time for special cases so that you aren’t hard pressed when someone comes in? You want to know this because you want to see that a given dentist in the area makes sure that they can properly accommodate people with special cases. It shows superior organization and prioritization ability.


Any dentist Pasadena SA practitioner in the area who truly wants you as a patient won’t mind answering at least some of these questions. It’s best for you to pick one or two of these and focus on getting those answered rather than trying to ask them all.